Battery Chargers

TL Battery Charger

New electronic controller with AP070 card with microprocessor.

  • Input supply from mains: 110V / 230V
  • Lab-tested electronic circuit conforming to Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility and CE marking
  • Suitable for rated battery voltages from 12V to 96V, selectable by means jumpers.
  • Trimmer for setting the threshold at 2,40V/cell
  • DIP switches to select and adjust the charging:
Battery Charger - 2


  • Single-phase input supply 220/230/240 VAC – Frequency 50/60 Hz.
  • Three-phase input supply 220/230/240/250 – 380/400/420/440 VAC – Frequency 50/60 Hz.
  • Output voltage: 24/36/48/72/80 VDC.
  • Charging system with decreasing current (Wa characteristic): 9 ÷ 11 hours charging time. 
  • Tropicalized stray-flux transformer, high quality windings with double enamel insulation, class H, impregnated with non-toxic resins, kiln-dried.
  • Overload cutout on transformer.
  • Rectifier bridge equipped with DC output fuse.
  • Polycarbonate plate with charging data very easy to understand.
  • Final acceptance test conforming to safety regulations.
  • Complete with mains and battery cables (assembly of plugs and battery connectors on request). 
  • New electronic controller PBM 751 with microprocessor:
    • Electronic board supply on battery (min. 20V DC)
    • Independent ON/OFF relay contacts with range 250V/16A
    • Automatic start ( Autostart 5 sec. or 3 hours )
    • Final charge time ( 3 or 4 hours )
    • Safety timer at 9h or 11h (on I charging phase)
    • Quick test
    • Proportional charge (selectable)
    • Equalising charge (selectable)
    • START/STOP button on electronic board – Two setting mode: preset and adjustable
    • “Manual” operation option
    • Protection fuse on electronic board


  • Immediate readout of the charging phases by means of 5 LEDs signalling. 
  • Fault signalling for an immediate failure diagnostics.

XS Battery Charger

  • Control board powered by battery with voltages range 10,5-32,4 V (battery 12 and 24V)
  • Voltage 230 Vac 50-60Hz with adjustments for 220V and 240 voltages
  • Class H transformer, high quality windings with double enamel insulation, tropicalized with non-toxic resins, autoclave impregnation, drying in the oven with thermal protection
  • Automatic equalizing function with pulses packet and weekend maintenance
  • Automatic weekly maintenance function to keep the batteries charged during the non-use periods
  • 9h security timer on the first phase
  • Automatic detection of battery posting and auto power-off.
  • Electrical Protection: mains power and battery fuses
  • Final charge voltage threshold settled (no trimmer adjustment required )
  • Mains voltage recognize
  • Diodes bridge with anti-noise filtering and MOV 60V overvoltage protection by posting in charge battery