Electric Mobile Wrapping Transporter

Electric Mobile Wrapping Transporter

The Electric Mobile Wrapping Transporter is a multi-functional semi-automatic machine designed for pallet transportation, weighing and wrapping applications.
What is vital in the creation of this Electric Mobile Wrapping Transporter is to integrate common equipment used by the supply chain and logistic industry and making it fully customisable to the business’s needs. The use of automation can alleviate a famously labour intensive global logistics industry.

Businesses who will be leveraging on the Electric Mobile Wrapping Transporter, for example, are likely looking at upskilling their workforce, moving employees towards more critical roles to optimise customers’ experiences as the entire business digitalises and automates. They would be well served by freeing their workforce from repetitive, low value yet necessary manual tasks, such as moving cargo pallets to stationary wrappers or manually running around the pallets to wrap the cargo effectively.


Long working hours

Easy parameter setting

Low energy consumption

High protection of electronic components

TECHNICAL Specifications

  • Overall Dimension: 2120mm (L) x 730mm (W) x 2550mm (H)
  • Film Core: Inner Ø50mm; Outer Ø200mm
  • Stretch Film: ECO 500mm x 12mic; Oxo-Biodegradable 500mm x 23mic
  • Load Dimension: Max 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Load Weight: Max 1500kg
  • Load Height: Max 1800mm

consume lesser warehouse space, transportation & produce lesser packaging waste



  • Input voltage 100÷240Vac ±10% 50-60Hz
  • Input Current 13A Max @110V, 6A Max @230V
  • F. – 0,99; Efficiency 230V@48V – 92%

Outer Specifications

  • 12V-30A, 24V-30A, 36V-20A, 48V-15A
  • Suitable for battery Lead Acid (Wet / AGM / GEL)
  • IP protection- IP65
  • Operating Temperature -25 +50°C

Outer Specifications

  • 225mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 280mm (D)
  • Weight 4.6kg
DC Power Supply Type - Asiagreen

ED3-EP V118


  • Voltage from 12 to 55Vdc
  • Weighing Accuracy, +/-0.1 to 1% of Vehicle Lifting Capacity
  • Load Weight Display Range Up To 99999 Pounds or Kilograms
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Operating Current 80mA
  • LCD Display, 2 lines x 16 characters
  • USB Port
  • Operating Temperature -40°C +70°C
  • Pressure Transducer (Swiss Made)
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


  • Colour Touch Panel Display

DC Power Supply Type

  • Input 14 Points / Output 10 Points
  • Transistor (Sink) Output