Asia Green Industries (Pte) Ltd is an independent firm set up to provide sustainable sourcing strategies for supply chain and logistic firms who are looking to aligning profit and environmental sustainability. Asia Green Industries has offered solutions to clients from various industries.


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48 Toh Guan Road East #05-100 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586

Green Energy

Asia Green Industries Pte Ltd is a secondary battery manufacturer known in material handling industries, We produce a range of traction battery for various brands and models of material handling equipments.
Our GS traction battery is a leading brand, highly sought after for its long service life. The battery life can be expected to be 4 years of use or up to about 1200 charging and discharging cycles in normal usage. It has quality, high stability and easy to maintain.

Our Lithium traction battery requires minimum to no maintenance. Each battery has about 3000 charging and discharging cycles in normal usage. Charging our lithium traction battery requires only one? third of normal traction battery charging duration; of approximately. It can also be charged multiple times a day to cater for shift operations.

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